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What we do

TMS Property Management would like to take this opportunity to inform you as the Body Corporate about our services.


TMS supplies management services to commercial and residential properties and specializes in the management of body corporate (sectional titles).


TMS was established in 1987 and is based in Fairland, Johannesburg.


TMS offers the following services:

Operation of a current and/or other account/s with a Bank or Building Society in the name of the Body Corporate. This also includes any investment accounts that the Trustees have opened/wish to open.

TMS would need bank statements each month in order to prepare the receipts each month for the levy accounts.

TMS could be responsible for making all electronic transfers for the Body Corporate if so authorized by the Trustees.  (Payments are made daily, to contractors and suppliers)


TMS will assist the Trustees by:

  • Arrangement of cover for the building(s).
  • Payment, after checking, of premiums.
  • Liaison with insurance companies regarding increased replacement values and premiums.
  • Administration of claims for common property.
  • Assist individual owners with claims for the applicable section.
  • Obtaining replacement values of buildings / improvements for insurance purposes and arrange for valuations by suitable professionals, when so requested by the Trustees and at prevailing rates.

Administration, Secretarial, and Advisory Services:

  • Preparation and circulation of notices for General Meeting.
  • Sending out of minutes within 14 days of the meetings to all relevant parties.
  • Preparation and mailing of correspondence.
  • Preparation and issuing of Clearance Certificates.
  • Sectional Title and Home Owners’ Association management advice.
  • Maintenance of statutory and permanent records.
  • Assisting and advising the board of Trustees with the enforcement of rules which were/will be adopted by the Body Corporate.
  • Agrees to keep full records of all administration carried out in our offices in accordance with proper bookkeeping terms and accounting procedures.
  • Agrees to prepare, upon the Trustees request, a schedule of comparison of actual expenditure against the budgeted amounts for the year.
  • Take responsibility for the preparation for all amounts and sheets/schedules that will be needed by the auditor for them to complete the yearly audit for the Complex.
  • TMS will deal with the Auditor of the Trustees choice.
  • Once the above has been completed, the financials will be confirmed with the trustees, who will agree to the financials being distributed to the owners, and TMS will then have the Financials signed by 2 Trustees at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Update the details of all owners in the complex on a regular basis to ensure that they are receiving their accounts on a monthly basis.

(This procedure will minimize disputes and keep all owners happy)

  • Council / Municipality accounts,
    • Log calls for any estimate readings.
    • We scrutinize and log call to correct incorrect billing, Examples:
      • Incorrect Rates or Sliding Scale Billing
      • Incorrect readings
      • Incorrect Vat Charged
      • Incorrect Dates
      • Incorrect opening & Closing balances.
      • Sundry charges

TMS will charge a fee for all letters written on behalf of the Trustees / Body Corporate for the enforcement of the Rules, the cost of which may, at the instruction of the Trustees, be debited to the errant owner’s levy account.


  • Assisting the trustees with all maintenance issues and submission of quotes to the Board of Trustees.
  • Obtaining prior written approval for repairs of Common Property by Board of Trustees.
  • Allocating approved repair work to approved sub-contractors.

(We will get you quotes for projects that needs to be completed, so you don’t have to)

TMS cannot be held responsible if we recommend any contractors and the job is not satisfactorily completed. It is the Trustees decision to use their own contractors or agree to use recommended contractors by TMS.


Attending the Annual General Meetings of the complex which will include:

  • Preparation and sending of the agenda/notice
  • Proxies supplied
  • Nomination forms
  • Register to be filled in by all attending unit owners
  • Preparation of Yearly budget which will be passed onto the Trustees to approve before commencement of the meeting
  • Assisting the Trustees with determination of the monthly levies for the new financial year (at the discretion of the Trustees)
  • Arrange venues for meetings if so requested by the Trustees.

 (We will send out an sms reminder on the day of the AGM to all owners, reminding them to attend the meeting. The more owners at the meeting, the better!)

TMS will agree to attend any trustee meeting that requires a representative to be present will require:

  • 1 week’s (7 days) notice must be given to TMS
  • Reason for TMS to be present
  • If the meeting lasts more than one (1) hour, TMS will charge the complex at R350.00 per hour thereafter.

Any meeting to be held on a Saturday to be charged at R500.00 per hour.

Monthly Levy Statements:

Preparing and Submission of monthly statements to owners for all Body Corporate charges.

  • The statements are comprehensive and extremely versatile, and provide for detailed debits and credits without ever having to resort to the use of annoying “Sundry” designation. If necessary, continuation statements are printed.
  • Each receipt is listed separately and the date of receipt is reflected.
  • A property description is provided to avoid confusion when a statement is posted to an address other than the subject property.
  • Electricity, water and gas meters are read and charges calculated by the Johannesburg Meter Reading Services.
  • If any additional amounts such as special levies, penalties, maintenance amounts and sundry charges will be included with authorization of the Trustees.
  • Preparing and providing all Trustees with a schedule of the monthly arrears of all unit owners (debtor’s list).

These statements can be either hand delivered, e-mailed or posted to the owner. 

Levy Collection:

  • Sending out monthly levy statements to the owners.
  • Sending out Email and SMS payment reminders to owners who has failed to pay by the due date.
  • Sending out a Demand Letter for non-payment.
  • Collection of all levies and other charges due to the Body Corporate/Home Owners’ Association.
  • Handing over of home owners for non-payment of levies to the attorneys and the following up thereof.
  • If any other instructions are needed from the Trustees, this will be taken into consideration at such time.

Chairperson / Trustee Packs:

The trustees will receive a monthly pack with all the documents of their choice, which includes:

  • Bank statements
  • Debtors Age Analysis
  • Municipality accounts (Electricity & Water)
  • Trial Balance
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Any legal reports

(Trustees may request any documentation on demand)

Employee’s’ Payment:

The Managing Agent undertakes to pay salaries, wages, PAYE, UIF and Workmen’s Compensation. It is expressly agreed that the employees are employed by the Body Corporate and not by the Managing Agent. Any disputes, which may arise between the Body Corporate and any of its employees in terms of any legislation, shall not involve the Managing Agent, who cannot be cited as the employer of any of the said employees, and is therefore not to be held liable or responsible. Any payments as mentioned above, due by the Body Corporate, will be made on their behalf. The Managing Agent is not responsible for the control or keeping of Body Corporate employees’ leave / leave of absence records which must be kept and controlled by the Trustees on behalf of the Body Corporate.

Limitation of duties of the managing agent

1.1          TMS does not undertake to supervise work done on the common property and relies on the Trustees to do such supervision (or to appoint a competent person to do so) and to authorize payments to be made to contractors.

  • TMS does not undertake to supervise and/or control the Body Corporate’s employees and the duties on the property and requires the Trustees to arrange such supervision and control.


The charge for the above services will be negotiated with the Trustees upon agreement to sign and amend the above contract with the interests and needs of the Trustees at hand.

TMS can on request take over the meter readings that will be done monthly.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 011 678 4036 / 082 886 4775 or chere@tmse.co.za.






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